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Q: Which browser should I be using to get the most from IET.TV? is optimised for versions 5 and above of Netscape, FireFox and Internet Explorer. If your browser cannot display JavaScript, use the text only version.
Q: How do I know if I am viewing the most up-to-date presentations?
Click the refresh or reload button on your browser every time you visit.
Q: What is the best way of hearing audio and viewing video?
Download RealPlayer version 9 or above from RealNetworks or Microsoft Windows Media Player version 9 or above to get multimedia capability.
Q: How do I get the Research Channel service? can be accessed by any user with a narrowband (dial-up modem) or broadband internet connection. The system requirement check will allow you to see if your computer has the required specification to view video footage (see minimum system requirements in the Troubleshooting area for further information).
Q: How can I watch video or listen to audio?
When you press 'Play webcast' within, you will be presented with an option to choose your preferred media format - Windows Media Player or RealPlayer. There is also an option to select the quality of video - either high, medium, low or audio only.
You can start, pause or stop the video by using the video or audio control buttons immediately below the slide screen.
Q: Is there a minimum specification required to access the service?
The minimum browser requirements needed to access the Research Channel are:
? Netscape 5 and above or
? Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and above or
? Opera 7 and above
N.B. Other browsers may work with the player; however, is unable to guarantee their compatibility.
JavaScript must also be enabled.
If cookies are enabled, your viewing settings will be remembered for future visits. If cookies are not enabled, Media Selector will prompt you to confirm your settings at each visit.
You will also need to have one of the following media players installed on your system:
? RealOne version 9 or above, available free via the Real Networks download site:
? Microsoft Windows Media Player version 9 or above, available free from
For further information on system requirements for these players please check the individual websites above.
Some advanced player functionality will not be available when using Windows Media Player with non-Microsoft web browsers. This does not affect Real Player, and basic viewing of clips is available on any browser/player combination listed above.
Q: When I click on the link, the player does not launch
You should confirm that you have Javascript enabled on your browser. You should also check that any popup blocking mechanisms you have installed on your computer, including Microsoft Service Pack 2, are not set to deny pop-ups being launched from pages.
Q: When I click on the link, the player launches but no video or audio plays
On the homepage on the left hand menu, select the бо?system check' button. This will automatically run through a series of tests to determine your systems installed media players.
If this reports that your system is OK, but you are still unable to watch video or hear audio, please try the following below:
It is possible that a browser error may have occurred. Try closing the player, then re-opening it.
Your Internet Service Provider may be experiencing problems with their servers. If you cannot view other pages, and if the problem persists, you should contact your Internet Service Provider.
If you can access the player on another machine or other people can view it, it may be a problem with your browser cache.
To clear your browser cache on a Microsoft Windows PC:
In Microsoft Internet Explorer:
? Click on Tools, and then choose Internet Options
? Click the General tab
? Click the Delete Files button
? On the Delete Files dialogue box click the OK button. Selecting "Delete all offline content" is optional
? To close the Internet Options box, click OK (it may take a minute or more to clear the cache)
To clear your browser cache on a Mac:
In Firefox:
? Choose Preferences from the Firefox menu, and then select the privacy icon
? Click the Clear button within the Cache section
? Click OK to exit.
If you are still experiencing problems, please speak to your system administrator to confirm that streaming video is permitted within your organisation or contact for further guidance.
Q: My video and audio does not play smoothly
There are many reasons why this might occur.
Your bandwidth may be being used by another application (or another PC, if your connection is via a home/office network). Your viewing experience will be affected if our servers are unable to deliver data to your computer quickly enough because of network congestion on your connection.
Downloading large files or using peer-to-peer applications while watching video, for example, may prevent you from being able to receive enough data to maintain a constant video stream.
If you do not believe your connection is being used by other applications or other people, check your media player has the correct bandwidth settings.
See the following help pages for more advice.
? RealPlayer -
? Windows Media Player -
Q: What about firewalls?
Some corporate networks and Internet Service Providers block video transmissions. If you cannot see video clips (even though your system meets the system requirements noted above), you may want to contact your Internet Service Provider or Network Administrator to see whether a security firewall is blocking video transmission.
Q: I have a technical query which isn't covered here.
Contact us via
Editorial FAQ:
Q: Where do all these lectures come from? Who films all these presentations?
The IET organises engineering and technology lectures, exhibitions and events around the world and for the past three years have been capturing a small percentage of these and adding them to's archives. Our presentations feature captains of industry, keynote speakers and those people shaping the future of engineering and technology.
Q: Can I use your content in my own site?
No, but you are able to add a link to particular presentations by using the бо?email a friend' function and then adding this link to your site.
Q: How do I find a presentation which you webcast about a year ago?
We have archived everything we have presented since starting in 2003. has an extensive search function which can help you easily locate a presentation.

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